Caregiver Testimonials

Refresh is an excellent source for caregivers.  Today was my first visit to Refresh.  The love and concern and sheer care that caregivers receive here is amazing and unlike anything I thought possible.  I was coming just to talk and to hear that someone else’s story was worse than mine, but not so.  I received so much more.  I was in such a state when I came, but I’m leaving with a certainty that I’m not alone.  I received a massage in an area of my body that I’ve taken meds for two weeks.  I feel so much better.  Refresh is definitely God-sent. 

Thank you, Refresh.

I enjoyed the Refresh program and would like to attend again.  The program helped me to release some stress and tension I didn’t know I was harboring.  I like the conductor and the spirit of comfort she has offered to caregivers.

Refresh showed me how to deal with my stress level and how to take time for myself.

My experience today was up lifting, spiritual, and fun.  Good food and great new people.


It was a great experience for it was a weight lifted and relieved to know there is someone to talk to.

Caregiver Support Group

Our support group team includes a Life Coach trained to support caregivers' needs by listening to their concerns and offering comfort and helping caregivers handle the stress and anxieties of care giving.

Caregivers ReFresh Center