In 2012 Chatrece Bougard began to research care for the caregiver. She found that there were only support groups available to provide a safe, non-threatening environment in which to share feelings and problems and receive feedback, suggestions and information. Support groups are based on the idea that sharing information and feelings is not only good, but also beneficial for the person talking as well as for the rest of the group listening. Being a former professional caregiver herself Chatrece noticed that along with mental support the caregiver also needed spiritual and physical support as well. Through the establishment of Caregivers ReFresh Center she took the lead to organize a caregiver respite program that would be beneficial to caregivers who might experience stress and burnout. Caregivers ReFresh Center has been passionate about helping caregivers bring their life into balance as they take care of others.

         Today Caregivers ReFresh Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, serves caregivers in the Memphis area with its self help program. Our mission is to offer a short break to those who are in care giving situations, encourage caregivers to balance life and manage stress while care giving, and offer spiritual, emotional/mental and physical support that will meet the needs of the caregiver.