The outing was what my body, mind and soul needed.  The instructor was so professional and explained everything to the max.  I will tell everyone I know that’s a caregiver how the session was so fulfilling, leaving you with the feeling you have to take time for YOURSELF.  I love it. 



P.S. I let everything out when I introduced myself.  So much bottled inside.

ReFresh was an awesome experience, it allowed the opportunity for expressing feelings, relieving stress and gaining relationships with other that experience the same thing you experience.


Today has been an eye opening experience.  You are helped as allowed to help.  Just the passion and love you have for God and his people is refreshing within itself.  This has inspired me to consider and pray for other caregivers and get them to come and be refreshed.  May God bless you in your efforts.

I am grateful for this service for caregivers because we tend to care for everyone else but ourselves.  This service allows you to feel free and relax and REFRESH !!  Thank you so much.  May God bless !!!


I have truly enjoyed and appreciate this wonderful opportunity to fellowship and pray and listen to all of the testimonies.  This is a blessing.  Please allow this to continue.  Everything I indulged in today has been phenomenal. Thanks.  May God continue to bless each and everyone



This “Caregivers Refresh” is a lifesaver for the caregiver.  The caregiver is the last person that anyone things of.  We are emotionally, spiritually and physically drained.  Thanks to this “Caregivers Refresh” allows us to take a much needed mental break.  The best part is to see others going through the same situation and be able to vent and know we are not alone.  Finally, by helping the caregiver with this “Refresh” you are ultimately helping another sick or elderly person.


This is my 2nd Refresh class.  I did learn how to say “No”!!  I have learned as a caregiver that we do need to take time for ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to get some rest and to relax and enjoy life.  I have also learned that life does not stop because I am caring for a loved one. That at some point I have to stop and take care of me and love myself.

Thank you for this “Refresh” opportunity.  It is much needed in my life and it is “right on time” for me.  The conversation and sharing is great.  It is valuable to know we are not in the boat by ourselves.  We need the opportunities to share our experiences and how we really feel, honestly, with people who care and understand.  It is not good to suppress our true feelings


I think that this experience is awesome and a true blessing.  I really appreciate the opportunity to attend this refresher day.


My experience was great and I will tell others about it.  We need more of these kinds of programs.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks so much.


I totally enjoyed today’s session.  It was what I needed, when I needed it.  The speaker was on point!  It was good to be in the company of people that are walking in my shoes and understand completely the feelings and emotions that I feel.


This was very refreshing because the venting session was well-needed.  I really enjoyed this session. I feel encouraged.

The Caregivers Refresh program was amazing.  I really like how Ms. Bougard took her time and allowed everyone to express the way they feel without rushing or judging.  Everything was so amazing.  Thanks for everything.

I feel the program for the caregivers to express the emotional problems they may be experiencing was great.  I’ve really enjoyed the class today from the speaker speaking on great topics of daily lives.  The speaker hit a home run for me to learn how to just say NO and just do something for me.  The personal trainer was awesome to get everyone to exercise to relieve stress.  The exercise wasn’t too overwhelming.  The cosmetology students gave us personal care from facials, manicures, pedicures to eyebrows which is what caregivers need to relax and have things done for them.  I’m very excited about that it’s spiritual and we prayed together as a group.  Also that it’s great to share my feelings with other ladies that may be or have gone through what I’ve gone through.  I’ll be definitely sharing this information of Caregivers Refresh Center with others!

I was truly blessed and enlightened by the speakers  and exercises and to know I am not alone in my life as a caregiver.  I met a lot of people in the same walk of life as a caregiver.  It was worth a day off from work.  It was so very relaxing, especially the manicure I received.  I will truly tell everyone I know about this program and I am looking forward to coming back.  God is good all the time.


Caregivers ReFresh: helps the caregiver, the actual person who gets lost in the shuffle.  Everybody else counts, everybody else matters in the family but the caregiver is usually forgotten.  This program revives a person and gives them their life back.  The program is very much needed !!!!


The program gave customers an opportunity to share.  The Life coach provided viable solutions and outcomes.  The exercise was refreshing, rejuvenating, and re-energizing.,  The “emotions” session was revealing.

I enjoyed the session.  I was able to let out some feelings that I might kept to myself just to avoid conflict.  Talking really help.  Thanks


 Caregiver Refresh Center is doing a great work.  I wish the whole world could take part in this.  It helps me with my mind, body and spiritual walk in life.  May God continue the classes and center.