Because of how this role can take both an emotional and physical toll on caregivers our team support caregivers' mental/emotional/physical needs with our self help program. This caregiver program offer a diverse, flexible menu of workshops which includes: (speaker) support group session based upon stress management and learning how to balance life and manage stress while care giving, (fitness instructor) a functional fitness program, and tension release activities.


Our support group team includes a speaker trained to support caregivers' needs, by listening to their concerns and offering comfort and helping caregivers handle the stress and anxieties of care giving.


Our functional fitness program is led by a certified instructor, to promote a healthier lifestyle for the caregiver. If done correctly, low impact exercise can help reduce stress, increase energy, and condition your body to perform better at things you have to do every day: walking, sitting, twisting, bend etc.

Tension Release

A session also includes a tension release activities of choice. 

A pampering activity may include one of the following:

*Chair Massage therapy 

*Basic haircut, facial, manicures or pedicure

Come join us at Caregivers ReFresh Center self help program to help decrease caregiver stress.